4sight2020 is a left-leaning, forward-thinking, solution-oriented political blog in the age of Trump.

While Republicans maintain majorities in the House and Senate, Donald Trump kicks off his term virtually unfettered by the Congressional opposition, which encumbered much of President Obama’s agenda.

Now, in the wake of the 2016 election, Democrats find themselves in a pickle few predicted and even fewer prepared for. Without the power to pass or block Republican-legitialative initiatives, Democrats are essentially impotent, irrelevant.

And that’s what 4sight2020 is here for: an oasis of optimism for progressive pragmatists. Our primary focus: the future of politics and governance in this country. A forum to brainstorm, strategize, even indulge: Donald Trump does not represent the beginning of the end. No. We still live in a country where our representation is fluid. Nothing is set in stone except for the “rock bottom” we hit this election cycle.

From here, the only direction to look is forward.

So join me on what’s bound to be a bizarre, unpredictable, existentially fraught journey. One thing it will never be is boring.

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