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BREAKING NEWS — February 25, 2017



Mr. Perez, buoyed by activists most loyal to former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, won with 235 votes out of 435 cast on the second ballot…

After Mr. Perez’s victory was announced, Mr. Ellison’s supporters exploded in anger and drowned out the interim chairwoman, Donna Brazile, with a chant of “Party for the people, not big money!” When Mr. Perez was able to speak, he immediately called for Mr. Ellison to be named deputy chairman, delighting Mr. Ellison’s supporters.

Taking the microphone from Mr. Perez, Mr. Ellison pleaded with his fervent backers: “We don’t have the luxury to walk out of this room divided.”

In his victory speech, Mr. Perez played down what he called “the robust discussions in the Democratic Party.” “We’re all going to continue to be united in our values,” he said, calling the party’s “big tent” an asset.

Mr. Perez, 55, the son of Dominican immigrants, is the first Latino chairman of the Democratic Party.”

Photo: Tom Perez, DNC Chairman and Former Obama Labor Secretary

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Protected: DNC Elections: Who can save the Democrats? [DRAFT] — February 17, 2017

Protected: DNC Elections: Who can save the Democrats? [DRAFT]

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